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01 October 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Days pt 5  
Day 15; Missions

Larxene: Is it true you're almost semi-competent now? Maybe we should've let you in on— Nothing.
Marluxia: Number XIII... Roxas. Hmph. Here, take this. Make use of it as you see fit.
Xion: ......
Luxord: We all need a little break every now and again.
Zexion: Your work has been improving by leaps and bounds. Here. I believe you deserve this.
Saix: Roxas, I've assigned you another handful of missions. Some will be mandatory, but beyond that, our policy is that you set your own workload. The order of execution is also for you to decide. Start with the missions you feels most prepared for.

*Second time*

Saix: you should go into every mission prepared.
Marluxia: If only we'd met sooner, Roxas... You would have made a fine addition.
Zexion: I hope you continue to apply yourself.

Mission 8

There is no dialogue for this mission.

Mission 9

There is no dialogue for this mission.

Mission 10

Axel: How's work? goin' okay?
Roxas: Yeah, can't complain.
Axel: That's good.

Day 22; Left Behind

Luxord: What shall I do without half the poker league?
Xaldin: Just go about your mission. Nothing else need concern you.
Xigbar: It's nice in here with the loudmouths gone.
Axel: Hey, Roxas. You and me are teamed up today.
Saix: Roxas, today's mission is mandatory. I've assigned Axel to assist you.

: Okay, let's get this done fast. What was today's target again? A Guardian?
Roxas: Huh? oh, yeah. I think so.
Axel: You are such a zombie. Want me to have all the fun while you figure it out? C'mon.

Axel: Up this way, Roxas.
Roxas: Right.

Axel: There's our target. Here we go, Roxas! Keep your head out of the clouds!
Roxas: Right!

Axel: Mission accomplished. Heh, gotta say, man, you've come a long way in just a handful of days. You ready to head back?
Roxas: Yeah.

Axel: I'm gonna miss this ice cream thing we o.
Roxas: Huh? Why?
Axel: Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be away.
Roxas: Oh...
Axel: Since you're my buddy, I guess I can fill you in. I'm gonna be at Castle Oblivion for a while.
Roxas: What's that?
Axel: The Organization's got a second castle situated in the world between worlds. It's called Castle Oblivion. Got it memorized?
Roxas; Yeah. I wish people told me these things.
Axel: ...... Well, I gotta head back and get ready. Fun fun fun... Anyway, you take your time.
Stick: WINNER.

Day 23; Silent Companion

Saix: Axel. I have a message from Lord Xemnas. We have reason to believe one or more of the members assigned to C.O. intend to betray us. Find them, and dispose of them.
Axel: And I take it that's straight from Lord Xemnas's lips, huh?

Roxas: Axel!
Saix: Axel already left.
Roxas: But...this ice cream stick that says WINNER... I have to ask him what I won.

Demyx: I found this lying around, but what am I gonna do with it, am I right?
Xion: ......
Saix: Roxas, starting today you will be executing missions alongside Xion. Pay extra attention to the intel I've prepared for you in the mission briefs. Use the data on your target to decide which panels you should take into the field.

Saix: Today marks your first time out on a mission together. Wee need you to eliminate a specific Heartless. Roxas, you are in charge.
Roxas: Me? Oh...okay.

Roxas: Let's go.
Xion: ......
Roxas: (I'm in charge, huh?)

Roxas: I've got some place to be. You go ahead and RTC without me.
Xion: ......

Day 24; Silence Broken

Demyx: This place is like, a hundred times better minus all the bossy coworkers, am I right?
Xion: ......
Roxas: Bossy coworkers?
Demyx: Yeah, the "dream team" that got shipped off to Castle Oblivion. Dreamy for me, because they're gone!
Roxas: Oh...
Xigbar: Too bad you and Poppet didn't get to spend more quality time with them.
Roxas: Poppet? Who's that?
Xigbar: Xion, of course. Who else, kiddo?
Roxas: My name's not "kiddo."
Saix: Roxas, get to work.

Luxord: No use fretting the absence of others. They simply lose this round by a no-show.
Xion: ......
Xigbar: We sent a total of six members over to Castle Oblivion. That's about half our number.
Demyx: I love days when Larxene is out. I can sit around playing sitar... ...instead of gopher!
Saix: You will be teamed with Xion again today.

Roxas: I've got someplace to be again today, so go on ahead without me.
Xion: R...Roxas...
Roxas: Huh? What did you say?
Xion: Your name... It's...Roxas, isn't it?
Roxas: Yeah, Xion. ...That's right.

Roxas: My name... Was that the first thing Xion's ever said?

Day 25; Two Keys

Roxas: Morning, Xion.
Xion: ......
Roxas: Umm... Something the matter?
Xion: Good...morning, Roxas.
Saix: Both of you, finish your preparations ASAP. A giant Heartless has surfaced. It must be exterminated today.

Xaldin: Take this. Let it fuel more hard work.
Xion: When do we get to go?
Saix: Your mission today with Xion is of ciritcal importance. I've arranged for you to be alloted additional slots as you complete missions for us. The harder you work, the more panels you will be permitted to install.

Xion: Roxas. Good luck today.
Roxas: Th-thanks. You too, Xion.

Roxas: What is THAT?
Xion: Our target!
Roxas: You ready for this?
Xion: Yeah.

Roxas: Whoa! Xion, I didn't know you could use the Keyblade.
Xion: Yeah...neither did I.
Roxas: You did great. In fact, you deserve a little something extra.
Xion: Something extra?
Roxas: Yeah, the icing on the cake. C'mon. There's this place...

Xion: How'd you find such a great place?
Roxas: Heeere ya go. Sea-salt ice cream. Well? Go on, try it.
Xion: Okay... It's sweet. But kinda salty, too.
Roxas: It's really good, right? Me and Axel always meet up here for ice cream after work. Sea-salt is Axel's favorite.
Xion: Sounds like it's yours, too!
Roxas: Heh, yeah. I don't remember it too well, but Axel said he took me here my very first day with the Organization. And then he bought me some ice cream again after my first mission. Said it was the "icing on the cake."
Xion: A little something extra?
Roxas: Exactly.
Xion: You guys must be close.
Roxas: Axel's my first friend.
Xion: Your...friend? Roxas, do you think I could be a friend?
Roxas: When Axel gets back, let's ask him. Then all three of us can have ice cream together!
Xion: Okay!