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02 October 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Days pt 6  
Day 26; Terminated

Roxas: Wonder what today's mission is. I hope it's with Xion.

Xaldin: Then what in blazes did happen?
Demyx: Don't look at me, man! I just found out minutes ago.
Roxas: Is everything okay?
Xigbar: Okay? As if. Word has it at least one of the folks we sent to Castle Oblivion has been terminated.
Roxas: Terminated? But that means...
Saix: Roxas, your mission. Go with Xigbar to Agrabah.
Roxas: Is it true about Castle Oblivion?
Saix: That's no concern of yours.
Roxas: But what about Axel?
Saix: Who knows. Perhaps he is among the lost.
Roxas: But...
Xigbar: No buts. There's work to be done. Get yourself ready.

Xion: I guess we're not working together today.
Moogle: ......
Demyx: Can you believe it? Terminated... Talk about a bad scene.
Xaldin: Are you using panels effectively? Equip a weapon panel and show me. I'll tell you if you've done it properly.
Xigbar: You ready or what?
Saix: Roxas, in light of your excellence performance, we have decided to award you a new rank. Have I neglected to mention the new shop? Conduct your business there before missions.

Moogle: Greetings, kupo. What...is your name?
Roxas: Roxas. What's yours?
Moogle: ...... My name is of no importance, kupo.
Roxas: But... Hrm.
Moogle: Are you here to shop, kupo? Have a look, kupo, at my wondrous wares.
Roxas: Okay, let's see what you've got.

*second time*
Xaldin: Good. It seems you have at least a rudimentary grasp of panels. You may as well have this.
Saix: I'm sending you and Xigbar to a new world today to conduct recon.

Xigbar: Ugh, I'm already frying out here. C'mon, kiddo. Let's get this investigation over and done with.
Roxas: ......
Xigbar: What's wrong? Dazzled by the new scenery?
Roxas: Do you think it's true—about the members stationed at Castle Oblivion?
Xigbar: Ha ha, is that seriously what's eating you?
Roxas: We might have lost a comrade. Maybe multiple comrades. That doesn't bother you at all?
Xigbar: As if.
Roxas: ......
Xigbar: Look, the faster we get this mission done, the sooner you can RTC and get your answers.
Roxas: Fine.
Xigbar: Let's go, kiddo.

Roxas: Big door...
Xigbar: Probably leads to the royal palace.
Roxas: Probably? Are you just guessing?
Xigbar: As if. Take a good look. High walls, ornamental carvings... The construction's different than the rest of the city.

Roxas: These dishes are covered in sand.

Roxas: What's all this lumber lying around for?

Is this a shop? It's deserted...
Xigbar: Yeah, as in "full of desert."

Roxas: A sand dune, here? That's kind of odd.
Xigbar: Different strokes, I guess. Maybe they like beach volleyball.
Roxas: You really think that's it?
Xigbar: Ha ha ha, no. No, I don't.

Roxas: There are signs here of somebody trying to clear the sand.

Roxas: Are they selling pottery...or sand?

Roxas: This stall is half-buried in sand.
Xigbar: Remind me to build MY city someplace less dusty.

Roxas: No sand piles up here.
Xigbar: Which means they must have just built this scaffold.

: A pile of rope?" Hunh.

Roxas: The wall here is falling apart... I guess it's an old city?
Xigbar: As if. Look closer. The bricks aren't eroded. This damage was all done recently.
Roxas: By what?

Roxas: Lumber, rope... What's all this for?

: This place is swimming in sand.
Roxas: ......
Xigbar: I guess them's the breaks when you build your city in the midle of the desert.
Roxas: ......
Xigbar: Past that, not much to mention, though. Seems like a pretty normal town, yeah?
Roxas: Huh?
Xigbar: Still with me there? I've seen you spaced out before, but this is ridiculous.
Roxas: What? I'm fine. I'm fine...
Xigbar: Let me guess. Castle Oblivion?
Roxas: ......
Xigbar: Like I said: the longer we take here, the longer you're gonna have to stay in the dark.
Roxas: I know.

: Look at the size of this dune.
Xigbar: It's 'cause we're next to the city gate.

Roxas: This wall looks ready to collapse.

Roxas: This door is boarded shut...

Xigbar: Okay, so we've got an entire city under a layer of sand. What do you make of it, Roxas?
Roxas: Me?
Xigbar: Yes, you. How do you think it ended up like this?
Roxas: Hmm, maybe because...
-of the city's location?
   Roxas: I mean, we are in the middle of the desert.
   Xigbar: Heh heh, normal? As if. Look at the city walls. They built them high to prevent exactly this from happening.
-they need the sand for something?
Roxas: Okay, fine. Then maybe...
-this was all some kind of prank?
-the city was hit with a sandstorm?
   Roxas: That would explain the damage to the walls.
   Xigbar: Attaboy, Roxas. You're right on the nose. This place got hit by a sandstorm. And not just once or twice, from the look of it. I guess the high walls around the city weren't high enough. Now, how 'bout the lumber and rope? Roxas, gimme a damage assessment for the city.
Roxas: Well, from the look of it...
-things could've been worse.
-the city was devastated.
   Roxas: This whole place is a wreck.
   Xigbar: Yup, and that's not all. All the building supplies lying around, and that scaffolding? They've been rebuilding.
   Roxas: "They," who? The citizens?
   Xigbar: Who else? And it looks like a major effort. There may be somebody leading the operation.
   Roxas: You think so?
Xigbar: All right, We've got what we came for. Let's RTC on outta here.
Roxas: Okay.

: Uh-oh. Those must be the locals.Normally, I'd be able to just slip on by, but the way you stick out? Well.
Roxas: (Thanks.)
Xigbar: We'd better take the long way around.

You should get some rest, Aladdin.
Aladdin: I'll be okay. Besides, the sandstorm's finally let up—now's our chance to patch up the city.
Jasmine: That's true, but still... You'll run yourself ragged at this rate.
Aladdin: Jasmine, you don't need to worry—I'm fine. And since we don't know when the next storm will hit... ...we need to get everything running again before it does.
Jasmine: If only Genie were around...
Aladdin: I miss him, too, but this isn't a job for magic. Agrabah's our city. We need to be the ones to fix it up.
Jasmine: Of course, you're right...
Aladdin: Now, I should get back to work.
Jasmine: Wait, I'll help, too.
Xigbar: So that guy must be spearheading the city repair efforts. The question is, why him? He doesn't look like royalty.
Roxas: Does he have to be?
Xigbar: It's not easy getting people to follow you, especially when it involves work. It's the kind of thing you'd expect somebody in the palace to be doing. They already call the shhots, right?
Roxas: True.
Xigbar: But he definitely wasn't royalty. The girl next to him—now SHE was royalty.
Roxas: ...... So what now? Do we look around inside the palace?
Xigbar: No need. We have our answers, and we even got a peek at their leaders.
Roxas: Good, then we can go home?
Xigbar: Why, Roxas? Did you leave the toaster plugged in?
Roxas: You know why.
Xigbar: Heh heh. C'mon, let's RTC.

Roxas: Did those two come through here?
Xigbar: This door's pretty solid, and the wall's high. The locals might be using the palace as a storm shelter.

Roxas: Is this wood for scaffolding?

Roxas: Check out all this sand... I don't think we're going outside.
Xigbar: Another storm is brewing.

Xigbar: These people will never be able to repair the city fast enough. Heh heh, glad I don't live here.
Roxas: Plus they have to deal with all the Heartless.
Xigbar: Aha! You picked up on a juicy bit there, Roxas.
Roxas: Why?
Xigbar: The storm and the Heartless... It's possible they're not completely unrelated.
Roxas: You think there's a connection?
Xigbar: All right, I think that's all we're getting for one day. Let's RTC.

Roxas: Hey, where do Heartless go when they're destoryed?
Xigbar: They don't go anywhere. They're gone. Only the hearts they held remain. But the hearts go somewhere: Kingdom Hearts.
Roxas: So what if a person without a heart is destoryed—a Nobody like you or me? Does some part of us remain?
Xigbar: As if. We're not even supposed to "be" in the first place. What's there to leave behind?
Roxas: Then whoever it was at Castle Oblivion—
Xigbar: Gone.
Roxas: And I'll never see them again?
Xigbar: Nope.
Roxas: Oh...
Xigbar: You coming?
Roxas: Huh? Oh... yeah. Nngh!? What's going...on...

??? (Roxas?): Who are you?