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05 October 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Days pt 11  
Day 94; Hearts

Saix: Lord Xemnas has summoned us.

Xemnas: The time has arrived. Look to the skies! There hangs the heart of all hearts—Kingdom Hearts—shining down on us at last. See the countless hearts that have gathered? Hearts full of rage... hate... sadness... and bliss. There, in the sky, hangs the promise of a new world. My friends! Remember why we have organized—all the things we hope to achieve. The strength of the human heart is vast. Soon, though...we will have gained power over it! Never again will it...have power over us.

Xion: Good luck today.
Xigbar: There it is, right out that window: Kingdom Hearts. What do you make of it?
Axel: You play nice with Xion, now!
Saix: Kingdom Hearts thirsts for hearts...a thirst only your Keyblade can slake.

: The Heartless we're after is called a Neoshadow, right? I hope we don't wind up searching all day.
Xion: Let's head out through this hall.

Lumiere: Surely there must be some way to get Belle and the master to forgive each other...
Xion: It's that candelabra.
Roxas: Yeah, the one we saw before.
Lumiere: If they don't... I shall be a table decoration forever! No—I will speak to Mademoiselle Belle. Perhaps she can talk some sense into him...
Roxas: I don't get it. The candelabra doesn't want to be a candelabra?
Xion: So this Belle person lives here in the castle.
Roxas: He said something about getting her and the master to forgive each other. I guess they've been arguing.
Xion: She'd have to be brave to stand up to a beast like that.
Roxas: You're assuming Belle's human. So far nobody else seems to be.
Xion: Good point.
Roxas: Well, we're not here to worry about her. Let's find the Heartless we're after.
Xion: Right.

Lumiere: Hmm?
Roxas: (Uh-oh!)
Lumiere: How strange... The light—it must be playing tricks on me... Heh heh.

Roxas: Whew... He almost spotted us. We need to be more careful.
Xion: Roxas... I don't think we'll be able to sneak past him this time.
Roxas: Yeah, maybe we should look for another route.
Xion: A castle this big must have a few secret nooks and crannies.

Xion: Roxas, up there!
Roxas: Let's take it out.

Xion: Mission accomplished.
Roxas: Yeah.
Xion: Ready to head back? We can stop for ice cream and—
Roxas: Huh!?
Beast: Graaaaaaugh! The Heartless do not belong here—not in my castle!
Xion: Whoa...
Roxas: So he has been fighting the Heartless.
Xion: Apparently.
Roxas: Guess this castle plays by different rules than ours.
Xion: What do you mean?
Roxas: That beast is the master here, right?
Xion: Right.
Roxas: And Xemnas is our master, right?
Xion: Right...?
Roxas: But if Heartless shwoed up in our castle, we'd be the ones to get rid of them, not Xemnas.
Xion: Well, yeah. That's our job.
Roxas: Exactly. I figured it worked like that everywhere. I thought that's what being master meant. After all, he's got servants here. He shouldn't have to fight.
Xion: I don't know that I'd call us Xemnas's servants, exactly... But you're right. If he's taking the Heartless on himself, he must have a good reason.
Roxas: Like what?
Xion: Like... maybe he has something he wants to protect.
Roxas: Hmm...
Xion: Let's call it a day, Roxas. Axel's probably waiting.
Roxas: Yeah.

Axel: Hey, you two. How'd work go? Think you can keep pulling off double duty?
Roxas: So far so good.
Xion: Roxas took today';s Heartless out in no time flat.
Axel: Well, great. Keep it up.
Roxas: I don't know why we need to continue fighting Heartless like this.
Axel: Sure you do. We have to finish Kingdom Hearts. We finally got our first glimpse of it today, remember?
Roxas: Yeah, but what is it? "The heart of all hearts"?
Xion: It's where all the hearts you and I collect wind up.
Axel: Exactly. It's because of you two and the Keyblade that we're finally making some progress. We might finally get hearts of our own.
Xion: "the strength of the human hearts is vast," Xemnas said.
Roxas: Yeah, but what do we need with it?
Axel: Are you crazy?
Roxas: I just don't understand why having a heart is so important. Do you?
Axel: Kind of a strange time to bring it up...
Roxas: But don't you ever stop and wonder? We're fighting for something we don't know anything about?
Xion: ......
Axel: Roxas... We're fighting because we want to know what it's about.
Roxas: Yeah... Yeah, I guess you're right.

Day 95; Nobodies

Xion: Ready for another day?
Axel: Good luck with work.
Xaldin: Have you been completing Challenges? You ought to. Show me how well you can perform in the challenge for Mission 16. Once you've earned at least one Challenge Sigil in that mission, we'll talk.
Xaldin: Ah, you have the Challenge Sigil. Good. Continue your trainging. And take this for your effort.
Xaldin: Made any progress in your training?
Saix: Kingdom Hearts thirsts for hearts...a thirst only your Keyblade can slake.

Roxas: C'mon, Axel's waiting.
Xion: Okay.

Axel: Another successful day?
Roxas: Of course. Where'd they send you, Axel?
Axel: The place you guys hit yesterday.
Xion: You mean the castle with the talking candelabra?
Axel: That's the one. They needed me to do a little digging through the dust and cobwebs. How 'bout you?
Roxas: Heart collection in Agrabah. Same as usual.
Axel: You're really getting the hang of working together, huh?
Xion: I don't know how much longer we can fool the other members, though.
Roxas: Relax, we'll be fine.
Axel: Don't be too sure. They're not stupid.
Xion: Guess we'll just have to cross our fingers.
Roxas: Well, maybe Saix and Xigbar are tough to fool, but come on—Demyx?
Axel: Ouch! Roxas, that's not cool.
Roxas: But look at him! All he does is play his sitar all the time.
Axel: I don't think you give him enough credit. He works just as hard as—Okay, no he doesn't. But I'm pretty sure he has a job.
Xion: You know, I've seen Demyx out in the field, rocking out on that sitar of his.
Roxas: What does that accomplish?
Axel: Hey, for all you know, he's out there fighting Heartless and doing recon—just the same as you.
Roxas: But I've heard him say he wasn't cut out for combat. I guess everybody in the Organization is good at different things.
Axel: That's right. Everybody's unique.
Xion: Even Nobodies? Don't you need a heart to be unique?
Axel: Oh, I think we have other things that set us apart. Like our pasts.
Xion: What past?
Roxas: You remember stuff from before?
Axel: That's one of the things that makes the Organization members special. Unlike lesser Nobodies, we remember who we were.
Roxas: I don't.
Xion: Me neither.
Axel: Well...maybe that right there is what makes YOU unique.
Roxas: What kind of person were you like before you were a Nobody?
Axel: Me? Oh, I dunno. Same guy, more or less.
Roxas: Lucky. I wish I could remember.
Axel: Trust me, you're not missing much. Who needs baggage, right?
Roxas: But I can't remember anything—not even my first week as a Nobody.
Axel: Man, whatever. You have trouble remembering things from five seconds ago.
Roxas: Oh, thanks!
Xion: I'm like you, Roxas. I don't remember much from the beginning either.
Axel: You two have a lot in common.
Roxas: I wonder what kind of guy I was before...